Santorum's Dog-On-Man Story


Oh, I don't know; given the things already associated with his name, dog urine is probably the least of his concerns.
well since piss-play is one of those disgusting sex acts that only gay people participate in (like buttsex), Santorum was basically having gay sex with this dog.

And since any kind of sex with dogs is equivalent to gay sex with another dude, Santorum is pretty much admitting to fucking a dude and then wearing the money shot door to door.

What a sick fuck.
"You've all been there"???
The dog urinated on him? I think not.

My guess is as soon as the dog jumped on Sen. Frothy Mix, he got excited/ashamed about his man-dog sex fixation and had an orgasm in his pants.
This sounds like one of the excuses my brother would have made after pissing himself in public. "Oh no, it was that dog at that lady's house."
I'm thinking @4 is probably right.

I bet it was a boy dog.
Ew! This is so disgusting on so many levels.
now there's a dog even dan could like.
@2: You win the thread.

New Definition: "Rick"
Noun: "The distinctive stain, odor and stickiness that stale dog-on-man urine leaves on tan chinos"
Verb: "To impose Rick on another person's eyes, nose, or upholstery, without their consent"
@2 -- the funny thing is, I would consider voting for someone who actually did that.