Speaking of how fucked women's health is right now, remember those ugly billboards Cienna posted about a few weeks ago? The ones emblazoned with sad-eyed stock image faces of knocked-up young women, advertising "options"?

The good news is that the one outside of Re-Bar has been replaced with a giant Re-Bar poster. To be fair, Re-Bar probably offers at least as much helpful advice for the unintentionally pregnant as YourOptions.com. Also, the bartender there is really nice.

The bad news is that KUOW dug up their origins recently, and it looks like they're not going away. They're run by the Vitae Foundation (get it?! Their crazy conservatism is all Latin and fancy!), an anti-choice media group linked with CareNet, one of the most notorious chains of limited-service pregnancy centers in the country.

On the Vitae Foundation's website, you'll find a giant, creepy set of closed baby eyes and the equally creepy phrase, "She rests blissfully because we didn't."

What a call to action.

But really, they should keep up the good work. Nothing is a better argument for contraception than creepy baby eyes. I mean, nobody wants to give birth to a demon. I've seen Rosemary's Baby.