Okay, maybe Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna isn't a dick. The couple of conversations I've had with him have been friendly and polite, though he always makes an effort to at least sound nondickishly moderate when he talks to the media, so I dunno.

But as reported by Josh at PubliCola, in the email he sent out to supporters promoting today's Bellevue Tea Party rally, McKenna certainly sounds dickish, especially when characterizing the 10,000 demonstrators at last Friday's Olympia labor rally as lazy deadbeats who don't have "families to raise, jobs to do and businesses to keep afloat."

Unfortunately, average taxpayers don’t necessarily have the time to drive down to Olympia and encourage legislators to hold the line on taxes. They have families to raise, jobs to do and businesses to keep afloat.

Jesus... what a dick.

I hitched a ride to Olympia last Friday on a chartered bus courtesy of Unite Here Local 8, a union representing 4,000 hospitality workers in Washington state, and on the way down we all took turns introducing ourselves, sharing our names, place of birth, where we worked, and what we planned to do over the weekend. In addition to a handful of union organizers, the bus was filled with hotel maids, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers and food and beverage servers.

And you know what most of my fellow travelers planned to do over the weekend? Work. Because that's what's required of lots of working people in order to raise their families, do their jobs, and keep their employers' businesses afloat.

That it never occurred to him that these folks spent their day off protesting budget cuts in Olympia ahead of a long weekend of hard work—that he actually implies that participants of a labor rally for chrissakes, don't have "jobs to do"—demonstrates just how out of touch McKenna is with the lives of working people. But the fact that he'd attempt to sow division by distinguishing these people from "average taxpayers," well, that just makes McKenna a dick. It also completely confirms my prior characterization of him as profoundly anti-labor.

Oh, and that "Tax Day Tea Party" rally McKenna spoke at today in Bellevue? The one where McKenna's email said he would "stand up for the majority of people"...? According to Slog tipper Tony, at its peak "the rally drew about 100 people, tops," plus about 20 counter-protesters from Fuse across the street.

Literally dozens of teabaggers gather at a Tax Day rally in Bellevue to hear Rob McKenna speak.
  • Slog Tipper Tony
  • Literally dozens of teabaggers gather at a Tax Day rally in Bellevue to hear Rob McKenna speak.