University of Iowa's Republican student group organized a "Conservative Coming Out Day"—because, you know, they're oppressed and stuff 'cuz some people disagree with 'em and stuff—and sent an assholey mass email to the whole school inviting conservative students to come out of their closets because conservatives are the new gays. The event included an "Animal Rights BBQ" because conservative politics is all about pissing off the liberals and... that's about it. A gender studies prof responded thoughtfully with an email of her own: "FUCK YOU, REPUBLICANS." She went on to apologize but peeled the bark off the campus conservatives in her followup emails, so they're claiming that her apology wasn't for realz. You can read the emails here—read from the bottom up—and you can read a news report here. Nazis, Gabby Giffords, and Native American sports teams mascots have all been dragged into the debate.

Now it's, you know, a thing—a thing that's no doubt coming soon to Fox News.