As you may have guessed, I have a Google news alert for the word "dinosaur". Which means I get EVERYTHING with the word "dinosaur" in it: Anytime someone refers to someone else as "a dinosaur"; Everything that's happening with the band Dinosaur Bones; The music schedule for Rochester, NY's Dinosaur BBQ; And best of all, I get the news from Dinosaur, CO, population 335. I just had to share the upcoming Dinosaur Rodeo Pageant, which takes place this Saturday:

The three senior and five junior competitors will each compete in 10 different categories including phtotgenics, testing, speech, modeling, personal interview and horsemanship.

The article is accompanied by head shots of the contestants.

And in other randomness, are you aware that in 2002 there were dinosaur robots that acted as home security systems?!

Called “Personal Mechatronic Devices”, they could be controlled via cellphone or through voice commands like ‘go ahead’ or ‘turn left’. Each dino came equipped with cameras peeking out of its snout to take snapshots of would-be home intruders as they fled the scene in a dino-induced panic.