Chrissy Lee Polis was brutally attacked while trying to use a public toilet at a McDonald's in Baltimore and now a transgender NYC woman has been banned for life from a Las Vegas hotel for using the toilet. No one complained, it was late at night, she peed alone. But security guards saw her go in and pounced on her as she came out. So where the hell are trans people supposed to piss if they can't use the toilet?


It seems to me that if trans women aren't allowed to use the toilets at the Cosmopolitan Hotel then they'll have to use the floor. The casino floor. I'm thinking a visit from a large group of trans folks and their supporters with full bladders—bladders they're willing to empty into their pants and skirts and onto the Cosmopolitan's floor—might be a good way to protest this sort of treatment.

And it's clear that some people are afraid of sharing public toilets with trans women. I'm not exactly sure why. They're not assaulting people in public toilets. They're the ones being assaulted.