While legislators and university administrators work out the details of how much more college tuition will cost next year, hundreds of prospective UW applicants have a more pressing concern: whether or not they'll get in off the wait list. Well, according to an email the UW sent to high school counselors today, 210 in-state applicants are about to get the good news, while most of the rest, not so much.

We are about to send admission letters to 210 resident freshman applicants currently on the waitlist for the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. Except for approximately 120 applicants whom we will continue to hold on the waitlist, all other students on the waitlist will be notified that we will not be able to admit them for the 2011 autumn quarter. After the 210 students offered admission from the waitlist have had a chance to confirm their enrollment, I will be able to assess whether or not additional spaces remain. Furthermore, as we move through June and July, enrollment cancellations MAY lead to some additional offers. All three groups of these applicants —1) admitted off the waitlist 2)reserved on the waitlist 3)not able to be admitted from the waitlist — will receive letters early next week.

Cross your fingers, hold your breath, and hope for the best.