Not Something You Want to Read Sitting at the Breakfast Table Watching Your 13-Year-Old Son Eat a Bowl of Raspberries


Raspberries? OMFG. Didn't anybody tell you that will make your kid gay?
Bashir has always been this way, and so was his dad. Look up "Hama Massacre 1982". The only thing that made him less repulsive than his buddy Saddam Hussein is his lack of interest in attacking his neighbors (other than Israel and Lebanon, of course). Hmm. What really set them apart from Saddam is that he LOOKED like a civilized man.
I wouldn't give a dime for any Arab "leader". They're all monsters. And if the Islamists take over, they'll only get worse.
The Assads, The Sauds, Saleh, everybody at the top in Iran... many assholes really need killing, but if you start assassinating heads of state, where do you stop?
You don't. You follow that through 'til you've worked your way past the arab world and on down Wall Street, then maybe pause and reflect before you hit the Bible belt.
Not to go all banality-of-evil on your asses, but the real enabling device here is lack of imagination. All you have to have is a few drooling psychopaths in your employ (any national military can find a few), and then some higher-up - a captain, colonel, whatever - can just tell these goons something vague, like "make an example of him," and walk away. Out of sight, out of mind. No imagination = no empathy.

This same absence of imagination is troubling when it arises in American politics, for exactly the same reason.
I don't get it, Gaddafi threatens to do this kind of thing to his people and he gets a facefull of Tomahawk missiles, Assad actually does it and nothing but a stern talking to.

Rather than toothless "sanctions", how's about we vector B52s over every army, navy and air force facility in Syria. That might actually get the attention of these disgusting Baathists.
but let's continue to condemn israel, the only civilized country in the middle east. This is the alternative.
Yup, when other leaders do it, we should consider assasinating them. When our leader does it, we should still vote for him, because hey, he doesn't hate gays as much as the other guy surely will. How many innocent round-faced children has Obama murdered with his 200 and counting drone strikes? How much you wanna bet it's more than one?
Wait, did you just compare Barack Obama's leadership to the torture and execution of a thirteen year old by a brutal middle eastern dictator? You're a joke, 10. A parody of pseudo leftist concern, with a consistently stupid and wrong opinion.
@ 2 & 3, does it really matter who was worse? Jesus.
@10 excuse me, but what does it have to do with gays? And if this is really the only difference you can see between the two of them, please go get your head checked before it's too late.
Oh my god. That poor child. This is utterly fucking horrifying and the most gruesome thing I have read in a long fucking time. . .
This is what Israel is up against, btw.
@8: Russia and China have veto power at the UN when it comes to taking action. It was hard enough convincing them to let the airstrikes on Libya go through.
@8 same reason as always. Iraq and Libya have oil, so we care.
@10 You're excused. It has to do with gays in that The Stranger is unabashedly pro-Obama even though in many, many ways he's just as bad or worse than Bush (codifying our illegal permanent detention of detainees w/o trial, ordering the assassination of US citizens w/o trial, choosing not to investigate the Bush Administration for torture, setting the clear precedent that our Presidents and their top people are above the law, and the collateral murder of hundreds of people, to name a few) but they don’t' seem to mind since he's moderate on social issues like DADT. Also, I wasn't referring to McCain, but whoever the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee happens to be.
Violence only begets violence. Hate cannot be stopped with more hate.

But it sure is difficult not to hate and wish violence upon people who do this kind of heinous shit.

But if you look at Western civilization, and what horrendous things have been done by Europeans living in Europe and the U.S., the Middle East is not doing anything we have not done in the not so distant past.
We could take out Assad, and undoubtedly he deserves his death. And he will be replaced with what? Someone has yet to convince me the "pro-democracy" government of Egypt is somehow a good thing compared to Mubarak. The virginity checks by the ruling coalition seem to confirm that the people get the rulers they deserve.…

Hate to agree with the unregistered comments at 9 and 11 (sans the personal attack), can't we see SOME moral difference between the West and the Autocratic rulers of the middle east? Or were the allied troops who bombed Dresden no different than the Nazi's?
@20: The Allies and Axis powers both bombed cities into oblivion. The Axis powers conducted systematic genocidal massacres of minorities (in the case of Germany) and conquered foreigners (in the case of Japan). There's a big difference.
It's always the ones that try their hardest to gain and hold onto power that deserve it the least.
I don't think there's a reason to eliminate hate. Hate's nowhere near the problem wealth is. I want to eliminate wealth. With as much hate as humanly possible.
@23: Well, 1984 would be right up your alley.
Jesus, I can't imagine being 13 & having a sex columnist for a parent. The gay parent thing would be fine but having the classmates read my dad's sex advice would be so fucking creepy. Perhaps it's time for Mr Savage to use a pen name. Or maybe "Dan Savage" is really a pen name...
@26 You think? Gee, it's not like it's been done before!

Ask the Lebanese people about the unlawful, barbaric occupation of Lebanon and the terror they inflicted on the Christians there through their local allies. As a side note, the syrians were the best allies of the US and Israel, president bush Sr handed Lebanon to Syria as a reward since Syria join the allies on their fight for Iraq in the first gulf war. Allying yourselves with the devil shall prepare you for the demon seed, isn't it?
Congratulations @23, your ideology is so strong that it is able to defy basic logic. You are truly enlightened.