Where in my post did I say or suggest or imply that any and all "racism charges are null and void," Jen?

We were talking about a particular window display, created by someone who is part Native American, and a poster, created by someone who is also part Native American, and the uses of Native American symbols/imagery/gear by these folks in their work. The gist of the reaction to your post was that the window display was OK, totally in bounds, because of the race of the person who created it. (Which no casual passerby could possibly be aware of, as was your case, Jen, when you casually passed by.) I wondered if the same would go for the person who created the TROUBLE poster. He's part Native American, which no casual viewer of the poster could possibly know. So I tossed that up on Slog. In no way did I use your post as "an example" of how racism charges are somehow null and void.

Whitey, please.

Sorry I got the exact trajectory and motivation of your apology wrong, Jen. But don't go putting words in my mouth—particularly inflammatory, near-defamatory ones. And, yes, the store owner is mixed; I stand corrected. So's the dude who created TROUBLE's poster.