A man lay on the ground "unresponsive and unconscious" for about 10 minutes in the Pike/Pine neighborhood at 7:35 p.m. last Saturday night, according to a Seattle police report. How did this come to be?

It all started earlier that night, reports officer Corey Williams, when the man had been walking westbound near 11th Avenue and East Pike Street "randomly pushing and shoving pedestrians." Visibly intoxicated, the man had been shoving people "without provocation or warning," said a bystander who was shoved.

The bystander told police an altercation went down like this: The drunk man had stepped into the crosswalk where he allegedly pushed yet another pedestrian. That pedestrian said, "You want a piece of me?" The drunk man reportedly replied "Yes" and then, in response, the pedestrian allegedly punched the drunk guy in the mouth.

After the puncher had fled and the downed man was found by police and medical personnel, he told Officer Williams he was "fucking wasted on scotch."

Officially, the man who punched the drunk guy is considered the assailant (even though the drunk man was pushing strangers), while the drunk guy is considered the victim. Officer Williams reports that "[the victim] was combative with medical personnel both on scene and at the hospital. [He] was yelling racial slurs at medical staff and the hospital and attempting to escape."