Right now my syndicated column is going to press in finer newspapers all over this great country full of freedom of ours—where it appears alongside America's finer escort ads—and it includes this prediction:

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Before we get [to your problem], I want to say a few words about Anthony Weiner: Nothing the gentleman from New York said last week made him sound like a man who hasn't taken a picture of his cock at some point and sent it to someone for some reason. Nevertheless I’m confident that Weiner is going to beat this thing.

That was then (to be exact: that was Friday afternoon when I file a new "Savage Love"). Today more dirty pictures of Rep. Weiner have been released into the wild by Andrew Brietbart—there are some shirtless ones (smooth tits, Tony!), and at least one taken from the perspective of the blowjobgiver (a popular sexting cliche)—and Radar has what it says is a dirty Facebook chat the congressman engaged in with a woman who is—the horror!—"middle aged and from Nevada."

Despite the new pics and the evidence that Weiner flirted with a woman online and may have engaged in phone sex with her, I still think Weiner can beat this thing. If David "Vitter the Shitter" Vitter could beat a prostitution rap and continue to pimp himself as a "family values" candidate and still manage to get his rashy ass reelected in a red state, Weiner should be able to keep his meat in his seat. But it's time for Weiner to come clean, admit the pics are his, and confess to the crime of having a dick, a cell phone, and internet access. Can we have an adult conversation about this? Weiner, unlike Vitter, broke no laws. He didn't do anything with his dick, phone, and internet access that millions of his fellow Americans aren't also doing. He got a few online thrills, he sent out a few pics, he drained his sack sitting in front of his computer. This is part of the new normal, people, just another one of the ways technology is impacting and shaping our lives.

While I hope Weiner comes clean, I hope comes out swinging: He didn't do anything wrong, he didn't do anything millions of other Americans aren't also doing, he didn't break any laws. His privacy has been invaded. He's being attacked. He is the victim here. And if doing what Weiner has done disqualifies a person from public life, there won't be anyone qualified to be public life in ten years time save the Amish.

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Now here's what I hope the legally married congressman doesn't do: confess to having a problem, blame "sex addiction," check into the Tiger Woods Memorial Sex/Career Rehabilitation Center, resurface a month later Dr. Drew's couch looking contrite, and apologize to the American people for being one of them.

UPDATE: Weiner is going to make a statement to the press at 4 PM EST—which is in 30 minutes.

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