It's just two hours and however-many minutes (what do I look like—A CLOCK!?) until you and me and Seattle's Only Celebrity™, Tom Skerritt, convene upon Vermillion Gallery and Wine Bar for fun and frolic.

In case you've forgotten: Tom Skerritt Happy Hour will take place TONIGHT, June 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Vermillion Gallery and Wine Bar (1508 11th Ave) is graciously hosting, and providing some Skerriffic food and drink specials, including the Top Gun (a Rainier tallboy and a shot of Jack, $7) and the Sloppy Sheriff Jimmy Brock (sloppy joes, $3 each).


In closing, here is a video made by a pervert of Tom Skerritt upon Racquel Welch:

See you soon!