Of the six Dem Districts in Seattle, many folks consider the 34th District Democrats' blessing the most important. It is a zealous brand of proud West Seattle voters (like our own Texans) who won't let nobody mess with their candidates. And last night, they suffered through their annual tradition of hunkering down in a stuffy, brick community center for a marathon of voting—and then sometimes re-voting—on the candidates they'll support in the primary election.

Our trusty man-on-the-scene was party member David Ginsberg (who unsuccessfully ran against Council President richard Conlin in 2009), dispatching the results to The Stranger via carrier ostrich. For the five Seattle City Council races this year, the 34th endorsed: Bobby Forch (the only challenger to walk out with an endorsement) and Jean Godden for Position 1; Bruce Harrell for Position 3; Tom Rasmussen for Position 5; Tim Burgess for Position 7; and Sally Clark for Position 9. The strong showing for incumbents, evidently, shows the 34th wants to stay the course and doesn't want to change horses in mid-stream and thinks incumbents are hotter than a goat's ass in a pepper patch.

The 34th also endorsed Port of Seattle commissioner Gael Tarleton, but Ginsberg says that may be because folks were unfamiliar with her challenger, Michale Wolfe, who only filed late yesterday afternoon.

In the night's only "shocker," the district endorsed new Seattle School Board challenger Marty McClaren over incumbent Steve Sundquist. But in a "not shocker," the group also endorse an "approve" vote on the deep-bore tunnel. That's to be expected from West Seattle residents who use the Alaskan Way Viaduct more than residents of other neighborhoods. I'd guess that most district Dems in the city will endorse an "approve" vote on the tunnel as they—being party organizations—tend to be politically aligned the lawmakers who approved the project in the first place.