Pre-Announcing the Stranger's 64th Annual All-City Invitational Single (Or Maybe Double) Elimination World Series of CRIBBAGE World/Windermere Cup Superbowl Championship of CRIBBAGE


OK, now you're speaking my native tongue. Sad (?) thing is, I'll probably be at a Wisconsin lake cabin getting trounced by my dad at cribbage that weekend.
And drinking Leinies, of course, I forgot to add @1.
Crib is for Canadians. Poker is America's game.
Oh. Fuck. Yes.

In addition to myself, I know at least a half-dozen local cribbage lovers who would love to do something like this.

If I may make one request, please have it hosted somewhere where I can drink bourbon while I play. Bonus points if it's a church.
@2: Not Point Special or Walter's?

Wait...after reading that line a non-cribbage player could read that as me inviting Savage over for a kink session while the wife is out. I'm not married.
THIS IS THE BEST IDEA! I am so stoked!
Yep, I totally squealed in glee. And since my exile from Seattle is officially coming to an end, I'll actually be in town.
I will skunk you.

Also? Anyone out there play Mille Bornes?
I grew up playing cribbage.

Cool idea.
A lot of submariners play cribbage; mention it on the Kitsap peninsula and you'll see some interest.
Not that I would play, mind you. But I can see all sorts of amusement potential out of a day putting pegs into holes while heady brew, sausages, and nuts are consumed. The amusement potential is pretty high already.

You need a voting option for those who would attend to watch peggings.
That's funny, I though cribbage was the game of New England lake camps (=cabins in Yankee). I'm not local and I loathe card games, but have a blast!
I've played a fair few hands of cribbage in my time. Say the words "fifteen two and the rest won't do" and I'll hear my dad's voice. I echo @4's request for the availability of brown spirits.

@9, I've played a great deal of Mille Bornes as well. Oh Hell is my favorite, though. Or Mexican Train, if anyone's up for dominoes. Slog Games Night!
Mmmmmm. Salty nuts.
@5: oh, now, none of yer fancy big-city brewskis for me. It's the pride of chippewa falls every time.
This is such a sweet, sweet idea. I love it.

Cribbage (like Mille Bornes-yesyes) is meant to be played in a drafty cabin - wherever in town is most like one, that should be the spot.
Me me me! I'll play! But I'll need to know whether it's standard or cutthroat (please be cutthroat please be cutthroat please be cutthroat).
Man I would so be there if I didn't live 1500 miles away....
I played cribbage once about twelve years ago. I've forgotten almost everything about it, but I remain fully confident I'll win this thing.

I second Fnarf's suggestion @14 for a Slog Game Night.
I wish one of the options was something like:

I love cribbage and would totally enter if I lived in the area!
might want to see if zayda buddy's in ballard would sponsor it - they have a number of leinenkugel's available, and are very into the wisconsin heritage stuff.
Wonder if I could get a cheap flight to Seattle.
@21 maybe if enough people there want to play somebody could run Skype on a laptop or tablet on both ends ...
#22 except for the fact that its a Minnesota themed bar the natural enemy of Wisconsin.
There's going to be booze there, right?
The one thing I know about cribbage is that it is best played quasi-sober.
Singles or doubles? As far as I know, I am the only member of my (very large) extended family who has a championship t-shirt commemorating my dominance in both singles and doubles cribbage at the annual family reunion.

Add my vote to boozing it up while pegging. And don't forget his knobs.
I would play. I've hosted tourneys at my house. Tons of players in seattle.
@20 I 3rd. And who knows when the next slog happy will be. Location suggetions?

We want to keep it simple... and singles, single-elimination seems simplest. You want to advise us?
I have to do this! I have cribbage partners on both coasts, and have a weekly game. Please make this happen!
Please make it early August - I am moving away right after that. :(
Well, it looks like you've got a lot of interest. If you want to finish in a single day, you may need to play pairs.
As it is it will take 9 rounds to accomodate the current 172 players who've indicated they would enter. At an average of 35-45 minutes per match (?) (winner of 2 out of 3 games wins the match), you're looking at 5-7 hours of non-stop pegging.
Who wants to give me cribbage lessons between now and August?
Elm, we're thinking of starting at noon -- but the last eight players square off at 8 PM. So folks can come, play, take off if they're eliminated, then come back in the evening to watch the last three rounds. Seems doable if we keep the number of players limited to 200, right?
Dan, YES, then nobody can complain if they draw a newbie player as a partner.
Why partners? We weren't thinking partners.
That's the doubles I was talking about.
Ahhhh wish I could make it out there! Just the sort of thing I'm looking for; irreverent and beer-soaked.
Try The Sailors Union Of The Pacific hiring hall, lots of crib players there.
Fuck. If onion and I are around, I'd do it. But only if there's no stinkhole. Stupidest rule ever.

And how do you people count runs while pegging? Max run is 3? or 4? I met people who said if you managed to get seven straight (Like: 5-2-7-6-4-3-8) you suddenly got seven points. Bullshit, if you ask me.
I ♥ cribbage, and would do my best to come into town to "visit my brother-in-law" (i.e., peg all y'all assess all over the place). Though, 2 weekends in August this year I'll be at Glacier NP, so odds are not in favor of me being free.

@13 I totally learned to play at my family's camp in Maine.
@41. Wtf are you talking about. Max run is 5, four in the hand and a face ard.
Whoops. Didnt read that all the way. Max run is the max run before 31 or the go. Drunk, now I really want to play some crib-bajiy.
@35, Dan, can we get the at-risk youth to set up some sort of AV system so we can all watch the last round, see the cards, etc?
Will there be mulligans?
A thousand times yes.
Don't live in Seattle, so I didn't vote, but cribbage is epic and I hope you do this!
@27, you sounded knowledgeable until you said "his knobs". Are you some kind of Midwestern degenerate? Where I come from, it's "his NIBS". This is serious business I'm talking about -- almost as serious as "ketchup" (correct, as all decent people know) vs. "catsup" (who are you, the queen of England?)

@43, you were toast as soon as you typed "face ard".
@49, I'm a Midwestern degenerate and it's totally his knobs.

And for those wishing they played, it's very easy. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.
@49 "his knobs" = "his nobs" = a jack in the hand or crib matching the suit of the starter (cut) card, scoring a point.

Nibs aka "his heels" is the point scored when cutting to a jack as the starter card.

I am so in for this tourney, btw. Have a 19 on me.
ah, option @21. someone could live stream portions of this, yes? i could at least help with the bourbon intake from afar...
The teams should totally make IGB videos afterwards! Continuing the developing tradition of sports teams making these things...! :D
OMG I would totally enter this! I will never forget when I beat my uncle when I was 14 (totally by luck, but I'll take what I can get). He still refuses to play against me.
I always thought you couldn't play crib without booze. At least that's how I learned and I'm not sure I know how to play if drinking isn't involved.
Dan, i think Milo's dad, Johan, plays cribbage. you need him in your tournament, to represent Ballard as well as transplanted Massholes.
My family played euchre and pinochle, dammit. I should've been from Wisconsin.
Shit, Fnarf, good thing I was doing laundry, 'cause I was going to have to throw down, but @51 took care of it for me in a totally civilized way. Phew.

@57, I'll bet if you wait a round or two, there will be enough washouts willing to play some pinochle with you.
option5 i play cribbage and would enter, but live a 10 hour plane ride away :)

(15 2, 15 4)
Oh how I wish I could attend!

I was raised on cribbage and am now thinking back to my aunt Sherry cursing vividly at small children during the annual Boxing Day Cribbage Tournament on Moyie Lake.

[Cribbage is most properly played in Brittish Columbian lake cabins, for all of you who seem otherwise deluded.]
People in Wisconsin play cribbage? I just left Milwaukee for college and sheepshead is the crazy card game of choice there.
@43, 44 -

While PEGGING. I realize now of course that my example goes over 31, which couldn't work, but say it was a mix of cards that happened to be 1-6, even if they were way out of order?

Let's just say I've seen some people bust out some stupid rules in crib. I just read up on the stinkhole rule, and the bastard who pulled it on me said you HAD to get a go or nobs to win, when the rule is usually that you can't use a go or nobs to win.
Awesome! I'm in.
muggins muggins muggins muggins muggins muggins muggins
It'll be so much fun just o say that in public and have other people understand without rolling their eyes!
muggins are totally boss!!!

And now that y'all have had a night to think on it -

will it be singles only, or singles and doubles?
i'm in, in honor of my long-time cribbage instructor/opponent/friend who left us at the ripe old age of 89 last month.
Does this have anything to do with the practice of "pegging" in cribbage (which we've been enjoying immensely since the "buttfucking with a strap-on" meaning was coined in SL)? This might even be worth a trip out to Seattletown if the schedule works out...

@49: According to the Cribbage(dot)org glossary, nobs and nibs are two different things, though we always call the jack nobs here in Milwaukee, irrespective of whether it's flipped or in the hand/crib.
I love love love cribbage and would totally do this. My grandma taught me to play when I was young and I have loved it ever since. Pro-tip: the Lookout has a cribbage board you can play whilst boozin
I love when Fnarf is wrong.
I fucking love cribbage. I may drive from Ottawa for this
If there's enough advance notice, I might even come up there from SC.
I love cribbage, but I love euchre more. Can we do that next?
I could kick some ass at cribbage! Unfortunately, I'd have to fly in from Boston...
If I lived in Seattle I would enter this tournament and I would win the fuck out of it. Hope you guys have fun!
I'm In. I've got a peg that is dying to go in your skunk-hole...
If I lived in WA I'd so be there... but alas, i'm already in WI and will probably be playing cribbage in my local tavern that weekend... hahaha! One of my favorite games, ever.
I'm IN!!! Dan, this is a great idea!!! Please post sign-up info when it's ready!
so is their any update on when this is happening and if it happenig. im really interested in this and would love to play/
Any updates? I'm all excited for this to happen.
Any updates? I'm very excited for this to happen.
Elaina, nobody reads these old threads. Your best bet would be to email a link to this post to and ask them.