Komonews.com has this sad and weird pie-related story:

The restaurant best known for serving warm pies to loyal customers has stunned some with a move they see as flat-out cold.

Three Marie Callender's restaurants across Washington shut down abruptly this weekend, leaving more than 100 people without jobs. Witnesses say some customers were in the middle of meals on Sunday afternoon when they were told to get up and leave the restaurant.

"I thought it was a big joke, because I was like, 'I still have people in the restaurant,' and they were like, 'they need to leave,'" said Mapp Chhim, who up until Sunday served as a manager at the Northgate Marie Callender's location.

"There was a party of 25 in the back room. It was somebody's birthday party, and I feel so bad that we like ruined the celebration."

Read the whole story here. And thankfully, there are still plenty of places left in Seattle to get delicious pie.