No surprise here, now that Rob McKenna has gracefully gotten out of his way, but Republican pretty boy and noted home decorator Reagan Dunn has apparently announced his candidacy for Attorney General:

"I am running for Attorney General because I am concerned about the overall direction of Washington state government and I believe we can do much better," Dunn said in a news release. "While Rob McKenna has done a very fine job as our AG, much more still needs to be done. Our state faces significant challenges, including high unemployment, an unfavorable business climate for job creation, and crime levels that are unacceptable."

Um... I write about state politics. So does Eli. Dom, Cienna and others sometimes, too. How come none of us got this news release? Didn't see one come in to The Stranger's editorial email inbox either. What are we? Chopped liver? Hmm. Noticing a trend here.

But here's the thing, cowardly Republicans. Refusing to talk to us and pretending we don't exist, won't stop The Stranger from writing about you. For example, I'm willing to stick my neck out and suggest that despite Dunn's name, pedigree, and the oodles of money that will surely be spent on his behalf, Democrat Bob Ferguson has the advantage in this race, largely because he's such a hard working campaigner, whereas Dunn, as likable as he is, has a well earned reputation for being goddamn lazy. And laziness is poison in a statewide race.

Perhaps I'd have something less personal or more policy-oriented to say about Dunn's announcement, you know, had I seen it. But I didn't. So you've forced me to just go with what I got.