Prepare to return to the Dark Ages of Seattle's dismal bus service:

Hi. We've not been properly introduced. My name is Brian and I'm the creator of OneBusAway. I'm a bus rider just like you and I started OneBusAway almost three years ago with the simple goal of making it easier to ride the bus. I'm also a grad student at UW getting my PhD in computer science. I managed to convince my advisors a while back to let me work on OneBusAway as part of my graduate research and things have been going well ever since.

Perhaps too well: there are now over fifty thousand of you using OneBusAway every week. That's an amazing number of riders for a grad student project. Of course, the trouble with grad students is that we sometimes actually graduate. Assuming my defense goes well a week from Thursday, that'll be my trouble too. The big question then is, "What's next?"

Brian is going to work for Google. Google rules the universe. Our fate is now in the stars. Is Seattle Bus Finder still running? I thank the gods that I now depend on dependable Light Rail. Thanks to Carole Triem for the bus tip.