Former three-term King County Executive Ron Sims announced today that he would be resigning his post as deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and returning to Seattle after more than two years exiled in the other Washington. Given the timing, the news quickly sparked speculation that he may be interested in taking a second run at the governor's mansion.

Not likely. On his Facebook page Sims posted part of the message he sent to HUD employees, stating that "I am retiring from public service and heading back home to my family in Seattle." Later, he seemed to enthusiastically endorse Rep. Jay Inslee, while telling the Seattle Times that he has no plans to run for governor. I haven't always agreed with Sims, but I've learned to take him at his word.

In the spring of 2004, Sims attempted to jumpstart his flagging gubernatorial efforts by taking the radical step of making a bold state income tax proposal the central theme of his campaign. Then Attorney General Chris Gregoire pummeled Sims over the head with his tax proposal on the way to a two-to-one victory in the September primary. Seven years later, with the incomes of the wealthy being the only economic sector to robustly recover from the Great Recession, we've been forced to slash spending on schools, universities, health care and other essential services due to declining revenues.

Welcome back, Ron.