Okay, look. Christian commenters on Slog are always saying we're misrepresenting Christianity by focusing on the haters. Well, fucking prove we're misrepresenting you, Christians. Christian Nightmares just ran a video of an anti-gay speech by evangelist Damon Thompson. It's hate speech, pure and simple, raging against "queers" and saying some atrocious things about bullied gay teenagers, all in the name of Jesus. I'm warning you before you watch it: This video is really bad:

I want to see Christians lead the protest against this guy. I want to see all those good-hearted Christians who allegedly stand against intolerance let this man know that he is unacceptable, and that he is misrepresenting their religion. He's using Jesus to promote intolerance and hate; this shit belongs in the past. If you call yourself a Christian and you let fuckers like Damon Thompson go without saying something, you are part of the problem, because you're standing with him and his monstrous behavior.