Father's Day is coming up on Sunday! But what do you do if you don't have a father, or if you can't stand your father, or you took your father to brunch and you want to do something fun for dinner? For your consideration, Central Cinema is hosting an event on Sunday night starting at 8 pm called Fuck Father's Day.

Here's the deal: Three readers—Brian McGuigan from the Hugo House and Cienna Madrid and Derek Erdman from The Stranger—will tell personal stories of their own bad dads, with visual accompaniment playing on Central Cinema's big screen, while you drink beer and eat food.

All your bad-parenting-story needs will be met. Alcoholic fathers? Check! Absent fathers? Check! Crack-addicted fathers? Check! Bad fathering, including putting whiskey in a baby's bottle to get the kid to quiet down and go to sleep? Check! A lifetime of spiritual scars, including body issues, relationship problems, and self-loathing? Check, check, and check! This ought to be hilarious.

If you like to laugh and you hate fathers, you should buy your tickets right here.