In case anybody's wondering how the Seattle school district's new interim superintendent Susan Enfield has been doing so far, the Seattle School Board had an answer at Wednesday's school board meeting. The board gave Enfield and the district "below expectations" for student academic accomplishments, especially in math and special education, but rated her as "meeting or exceeding expectations" for most of her work since she took over after former superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson was fired.

The board described Enfield as a "capable leader" with strong communication skills who was able to bring in operational stability during a time of transition in the district.The board usually gives the district superintendent a full review around this time, but since Enfield has only spent 90 days on the job, they decided to evaluate the district along with her. Both the district and Enfield also rated below expectations for their failure to reduce the achievement gap.

The board also gave the district a poor rating in human resources (1.4 out of 5), which falls between "unsatisfactory" and "below expectations." It gave the district high marks for its response to the state audit and implementing a capital plan.

When I asked the Seattle teacher's union vice president Jonathan Knapp what his union thinks of Enfield so far, he said, "I feel we've got more done in four months with Enfield than with Goodloe-Johnson in four years."

"It's just a feeling they want to solve problems and not prolong them," he added. "Goodloe-Johnson beat us over the head with the issue. Enfield wants to get stuff done, She is not caught up in ideological lines. She asks you what the problem is and wants to talk about it."

Still, Enfield did receive some criticism over her handling of the Ingraham High School principal firing. The board also rated itself, giving itself high marks for handling the firing of Goodloe-Johnson, but noted that more work needs to be done in the future on the implementation of new government policies.