Dog people become like their dogs. Fish people...


I have a question: does Bill Wixey's head look disproportionately small compared to the rest of his body in real life, or is that just how he looks on TV?
I stopped reading the post and stared at the salmon until it hurt inside.
This is the best writing I've seen on Slog in ages*. Good job, Unpaid Intern!

* I know the blogging is in addition to the newspaper, which has often excellent writing, and is mostly quick news stories/links, etc, etc, yadda yadda. I'm not complaining about the quality of the rest of the blog, it's just a compliment.
You can still buy blue fin tuna at Uwajimaya unfortunately. The way I see this entire issue with sustainable fishing is basically ageist warfare. There is a group of people who have been eating certain fish their entire life that are not willing to pass on that privilege to the younger generations.

I would love to eat some of the rare fish species, someday, but I won't get a chance to unless we all stop eating them immediately. Anyone that continues to eat unsustainable fish is inexcusably selfish.
Oh man, what a great article. I hope this intern gets more writing assignments!
Um, all salmon, and indeed most fish, are "silvery, sleek, and all-around awesome", not just coho. At least until they head upstream to spawn. In which case coho are as non-silvery as any of them. Bright red and dull green in fact.

Carrie Brownstein may be a peachy guitar-wrangler (if it is indeed the same Carrie Brownstein), but her blind advocacy of the Marine Stewardship Council is problematic. Some have criticized them for continuing to certify Fraser River sockeye in the light of very worrisome results in that fishery, with record low returns in 2009, near-record high returns in 2010, but spectacular death rates among the ones that return. Pollution and increased water temperatures are among the culprits. MSC doesn't seem to care.……

"MSC criticised for sockeye certification":…
It's not the same Carrie Brownstein, but what a weird co-inky-dink nonetheless.

I do have a long-standing unrequited crush on the guitar-slingin' CB...
You want to buy your seafood from Patti's Seafoods if you find yourself north of Olympia on HWY 101 (Olympic Peninsula). She's on west side of the Highway, north of Shelton on the Skokomish Indian Reservation.

Most all the seafood is brought in fresh off the boat (Hood Canal is behind Patti's house), and all is yummy whether fresh or frozen.

Salmon season is still a few weeks away, but she has oysters, clams, shrimp, and seasonal ocean catch like halibut and Alaskan crab legs.

Here, you can put it in your GPS and it will pop up when you're in the area:

19670 N US Highway 101
Skokomish Nation, WA 98584-9782

And yes, I used to work there. Patti is a beautiful Lummi woman who built her business from the ground up and I miss having her as a boss.
@9, "most". Not "all".
You know your intern department is doing its job well when an article has the word "fisherpeople" in it. Very witty and interesting piece.

Tiny copy editing note, though: unless the fine folks at the Stranger do it differently, postions and titles that occur before a name should be capitalized, and lowercase after the name.
Hahaha "A couple of tattooed men in the front row described the growing restaurant trend using anchovies and sardines, both very sustainable fish."

Very clever. And interesting! I'm quite well-read, so I can say with confidence that this article is wonderful. I'm also a vegetarian, and this is making me reconsider that decision. Perhaps I'll go the pescetarian route...
Aw man, when I saw "fish people" in the headline I thought this article would be about swimming.

Fun read anyway!
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