Inslee to Announce Monday


Not even a half-hearted attempt by Mr. Rossi to (re)claim what he thinks should have been his?
What are the concerns about Inslee's chances?
Oh, wow, a WA race I'm actually really interested in, & am familiar with both candidates. Exciting!
@2, you mean aside from the fact that McKenna is ahead of him in the latest polls?

The poll is close, and the election is a looonnnnggg way off yet, but Inslee will have to put on a good campaign if he is going to beat McKenna. It won't be an easy race.

That said, GO JAY! I really like the guy.

Political operatives are always concerned about various things regarding their candidate. It's their job.
oh, good points.
Even if Inslee wins, we have him by the balls (I1053).
Inslee needs to get his education platform together. Wisely, McKenna launched his campaign on education reform, a key wedge issue that will force Inslee to choose between the teachers unions and many, many organizations trying to push big reforms in WA State. Coincidentally, these organizations have some of the largest donors in the state, so Inslee's fundraising is tied to this issue. And it's a big one, since education is the largest part of the state's budget. So far, Inslee has been disappointing on the topic, according to many in the know.
Different from the last time, when Gary Locke said he wouldnt run again for Gov, you had maybe 4 Democrats come out by the end of the day saying they plan to run. But there were no Republicans showing interest, at least not for a few weeks. Whoever did show interest, was pushed aside a week before the deadline for the primaries, for Dino Rossi to run.
Very good points.

Expect a couple of looney tunes to enter on the R side, or pretend to be D's, of course.
The Democrats need to primary Brian Sonntag and ESPECIALLY Lt. Gov. Brad Owen. Owen is a true moron who uses his position to promote his pet obsession: anti-marijuana, anti-medical marijuana, anti-decriminalization etc. He even has a crappy anti-pot rock band that tours on the state's dime to DARE assemblies. Gregoire couldn't take an administration position or family leave or resign, each she was close to at some point, because the state couldn't be left in his hands. Mystifying how he was ever elected and never seriously challenged.
what are the candidates' positions on exile for tim eyman?

What about the 2/3 of voters who supported I1053, 55% in King County. Kick us all out and who's gonna throw that shinny quarter in your stupid tip cup Latte Boy?
@11, I think the reason no one challenges Brad Owen is that the Lt. Governor's office has no real power, and Brad Owen's name is familiar to voters. So anyone challenging him has the huge barrier of facing an incumbent with the knowledge that the position is kind of pointless.

I'd like to see the position eliminated or changed into something like the VP--a running mate for the Governor. If it's eliminated the state saves money and you can just have the governor appoint one of the other statewide officials to do administrivia in her absence (or default to the AG).