Earlier today, Mayor Mike McGinn's office received a public disclosure request from Seattle Weekly staffer Caleb Hannan seeking, "Any electronic communications in, from, or to the mayor’s office that includes specific key words" emailed from June 29 to the present day.

What are the specific key words Hannan is looking for?

Village Voice (or Village Voice Media or VVM)
Backpage (or Backpage.com or Backpages or Backpages.com)
The Seattle Weekly (or just The Weekly)
Ashton Kutcher
Trevor Neilson
Sex trafficking (or underage sex trafficking or underage prostitution or prostitution)
Caleb Hannan
Mike Seely
The Stranger (or just Stranger)
Escort ads (or adult ads)
Andy Van De Voorde
Eric Sano (or Lt. Sano or just Sano)
John Diaz (or just Diaz)

Here's the backstory: On July 1, McGinn criticized the Seattle Weekly for downplaying child prostitution in a June 29th feature article, and has since asked all city agencies to stop advertising in the paper. You see, the Weekly's parent company, Village Voice Media, also runs backpage.com—an escort website that the Seattle Police Department has allegedly linked to four child prostitution cases this year alone.

It looks like the Weekly's fishing for a dark conspiracy rather than staring obvious in the face: that Mayor Mike McGinn might just actually have a moral compass and be opposed to child prostitution.

The Stranger's not part of this fight—our escort policy explicitly prohibits minors (and we check ID). But since we hate to disappoint, here's your chance to create the dark conspiracy of the Seattle Weekly's wildest dreams! Just email Mike.McGinn@seattle.gov using as many of the key words listed above as you see fit. See how many you can use in a sentence, even!

And please copy AshtonKutcher@thestranger.com so we can reprint the best of 'em.

Your deadline is today. Get to conspiring!