Initiative salesman Tim Eyman keeps sending out euphoric e-mails touting new polls that show Washingtonians unhappy with the idea of paying tolls to drive on freeways. (Duh and duh.)

The aim: Raising more money for Eyman's sneaky Initiative 1125.

Never mind that when the poll questions connect the idea of tolling to a reasonable purpose (as happened here but not here) the support for tolling jumps. Really, don't pay any attention to that, please. Because encouraging people to make decisions connected to a reasonable understanding of what's going on is not what Eyman's up to here.

He's not even really all that concerned about tolling, either.

Yes, he wants to talk about tolling (though only in a way that's totally abstract and very much divorced from any sense of tolling's rationale). But really, he just wants to talk about tolling so that he can use the issue as a Trojan horse for I-1125's real purpose: Blowing up plans to put light rail across I-90, in accordance with the wishes of the man who's put up almost all of the money behind I-1125, Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman.

As Danny Westneat reported on Sunday, when Eyman's asked whether passage of I-1125 would kill the Eastside light rail plans, he responds:

"That would be the result, yes."

Send out some polling on how popular that idea is, Eyman.