The raclette: WANT NOW.
  • The raclette: WANT NOW.

It's October here in Seattle—62 degrees and raining—perfect for an evening watching the most excellent Jim Drohman of Le Pichet (and Cafe Presse) make a big dish of melted cheese. (In Non-Opposite-Land, we'd all be thinking about salad right now.)

From his new blog:

What: Le Pichet to be featured in the “French Favorites” episode of The Food Network Show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”
When: Monday July 25, 2001 at 10pm PST
Where: The Food Network

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As I revealed in an earlier post, the Food Network was at Le Pichet in March 2011 to film a segment about our Raclette Savoyarde. It seems that Alton Brown was at Le Pichet to dine in late 2010 and really enjoyed the raclette, and well, here we are on TV. Anyway, I just received word from the Food Channel that the episode, which is called “French Favorites” will air for the first time on Monday July 25, 2011 at 10pm PST. Reruns will no doubt follow.

I love Mr. Drohman's tone—he's a master of understatement, and his blog is like being talked to by a smart, laconic friend. On the About page, we learn that his first restaurant job was at a Sea Galley—and now he gives us some of the best food in the city (and, I would say, the nation).