Some Nerds Are Racist; Others Are Principled


Thanks for keeping Kirby alive! Some people create plots and some artists illustrate plots. Kirby created whole Worlds! ( and worlds within them...)
Jack Kirby is that little pink blobby guy after he inhaled JFK, right?
@2: Oh fuck, nerdiest comment ever.
Honest question: Wasn't Kirby working for Marvell (or DC, or whomever) when he co-created those characters? Is there something generally unique in the comic book work environment, or in his contract in particular, that would have his estate believe he hadn't already been compensated for his work? Do these guys negotiate for points or something?
Like Kirby or not, he created the characters as an employee of Marvel. His work product would be the property of Marvel, unless his contract stated otherwise. This would be like the designer of the Corvette claiming that he is entitled to the proceeds from the sale of the car. Might suck for his estate, but Kirby has no claim to the character.
"The new spider man isn't exactly the same as the old one! This is a stupid publicity stunt!"

And the dude might not be racist or homophobic (even if, you know, his language suggests he is in fact both of those things), but after the "panties in a twist" line, we can be reasonably sure he's sexist. Right? Or does he get a pass for that one as well for bein' a cool bro just tellin' it like it is?
Based soley on the example given, I suspect that the owner is in fact making "good-natured" jokes; from his own standpoint.
Larry from Larry's Comics: Worst. Comic Book Guy. Ever.
People realize that Spiderman wears a full head-to-toe body suit.

I mean...they do realize that...right?
Is it still going to be Peter Parker? Or is this going to be some new Spiderman-type spin-off?

If it's the former, I have to say I don't like the idea of making him black either. You just shouldn't mess with existing beloved characters like that.

If its the latter - rock on. Though you should still just make a new black superhero rather than milking an existing character. Every character doesn't need to be like the Green Lantern/Flash and have 800 different versions.
Gee golly, I just don't understand why minorities and women aren't into comics! It's a mystery.
Forgive me for not remembering specifics, but hasn't Larry from Larry's Comics gotten into trouble for going out of his way to be an offensive blockhead before? Name rings a bell.
@11: Who says they aren't?
@4 and @5 have it right, I'm afraid. Courts don't decide morals and ethics: they decide legal issues. One would hope that those things would be at least roughly compatible, but there's a huge difference between "Kirby oughta get a piece of that action" and "Kirby is legally entitled to a piece of that action".
I say since Kirby created those characters FOR Marvel, they're now Marvel's characters.
@10, It's a new person, so nobody is changing anything. It might help to know that the Ultimate Universe is a newer one that does not have any bearing on the "regular" universe.

As for changing the race of a character, I am all for it, if there is some gain. It has to be an organic transition and requires a passion to be present. It's why Donald Glover would make a wonderful Spiderman, and why Justin Chatwin makes for a shitty Goku.