To recap: These are the cartoons created by an anonymous "Mr. Fiddlesticks"—most likely a Renton Police Department employee—that the Renton PD claims amount to cyberstalking because of their harassing and embarrassing nature. The Renton PD is currently pressuring Google and Youtube to release the identity of Mr. Fiddlesticks.

"I'm trying to be promoted but I'm having a hard time getting high enough on the list..."

It seems that if anything depicted here is remotely true (which the cartoonist claims in cartoon 5), then the Renton PD has bigger shit to worry about than a few very funny, scathing cartoons and their anonymous creator.

More videos after the jump. I suggest you watch them in order.

"You might get to take home an unmarked car. That is good to have because you can not only use it for work but you can use it for personal use, too."

"I am here to question you on allegations that you have uploaded anonymous videos onto the internet."

"I am thankful to have spent my career on the safe streets in patrol and not in this extremely dangerous jail environment."

"I posted an anonymous video on my department and now there is a witch hunt to find me, investigate me, punish me, and humiliate me...and anything I said was true."

"Last night I had sex on duty with a worker from IHOP while in uniform..."

"Are you saying that speaking my opinion in public about the government... will have me face consequences worse than having sexual relations with a homicide suspect while disclosing the criminal investigation to the suspect?"

"We aren't prepared to house criminals who are sick, intoxicated, angry, loud, or suffering from mental illness. Please do not be upset with us."

"Tip 2: When you get fucked up and think it will be funny to call 911 and make a prank call... don't."