Um... how long has Rob McKenna been in Olympia?

“Another thing I’m thinking about," McKenna told the Gig Harbor Republican Women's Club on July 30th, "What if, as governor, you called a special session, and the only purpose of the special session was to repeal laws, to get rid of laws that are outdated, expensive, and unnecessary?

Omigod! Sometimes, laws cost money, if only to enforce them! Presumably, that's also true about the 44 laws McKenna likes to claim he wrote. I wonder how many of those are expensive and/or unnecessary?

That's not to say that there aren't some laws that should be repealed. I can think of some very expensive and unnecessary tax exemptions the legislature might want to take a look at. But a special session? Really? After seven years in Olympia, McKenna might know that special sessions aren't exactly the ideal means of passing legislation. And special sessions cost money too—about $18,000 a day according to McKenna's fellow Republicans. In fact, you could say that if the governor and legislators are doing their jobs right, special sessions are "expensive and unnecessary."

So here's an idea, Rob: What if, as governor, you asked the legislators to repeal outdated and expensive laws while they were in a regular session? Like it's their job to do. I dunno, if the books are truly filled with laws that are "outdated, expensive, and unnecessary," you'd think an effective governor could lead the legislature toward repealing a few of the more obvious ones, without ginning up an expensive and unnecessary spectacle like a special session.