Ellen Ziegler
  • Ellen Ziegler
Net art never seemed a terribly awesome category of art to me. I think it's hard to do it well—to take the medium into account while also offering something visually satisfying. And then, most of it ends up disappearing anyway, eaten up like an old news story.

But Violet Strays, the Internet "gallery" of Seattle artists Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno, is an exception. Though everything does disappear (I do not believe any of the art is archived), a new artist takes over the site every week or two like clockwork, and many of the artists have created aesthetically rich experiences that take advantage of the tools of the medium—the vertical and horizontal scroll, say, or the ability to change a perspective by mousing over an image.

Starting today, the featured artist is Seattle's Ellen Ziegler, who contributes a slideshow of numbered collages, made out of the detritus collected during years of traveling. There are 31 images, one for each day of the month, passing by like scenes out a train window.