Bachmann's Anti-Gay Record


It's as if Jerry Herman could see the future & was thinking of Candidate Bachmann when he wrote the line...

"You try to be Peg O My Heart when you're Lady MacBeth."
she's a stupid bitch with old lady neck and gay husband who never fucks her. i'm not losing sleep over her yet.
While Anderson Cooper isn't exactly in the closet, it would be nice if he was more widely known as being a gay man. Then he could ask her if she thinks that he's going to hell personally. When things are taken out of the abstract it's harder for a person to be a bigot.
Give her hell, Anderson. Don't let up. "I am no one's judge." Sure, she says that NOW. Dear Lord, she makes Sarah Palin look like a rocket scientist. She makes Rick Perry look live a viable candidate. She makes Santorum look good--and I mean both kinds!!
Does anyone know the last time a representative was elected president? Because I don't think it's happened in a very long time (if at all).

Yet another reason not to take this loony-tune too seriously.
I know some of us are in bondage...though it's not the type she is likely talking about...or is it?
@5 - When was the last time a half-black Hawaiian was elected?
I get that you want to hammer away at her until the general public gets it, Dan, but seriously, look... we all know she's a crazy-faced hatemonger here at Slog, okay? We know. We know! She's batshit mad and evil to boot. We are already aware.

Give us a break for a while. I'm really tired of having to look at her awful face.
@5 elected almost none. In fact apparently the only one elected after ONLY being a representative (Ford was not elected) was Lincoln, admittedly a hell of an exception:…
Ssssshhhh. Save all this for after she gets nominated. If you drive her out of the race before then, you'll get Romney. Romney's going to be much, much harder to beat. Bachmann as a national candidate would make George McGovern look like a rousing success.
I agree with Fnarf. I thought we wanted to boost up crazies like her to make the actual race less stressful.

Romney would be much harder to beat but I'm more concerned about that the Reagan/Bush lovechild, Perry.
Although in a perfect world we'd only have intelligent, qualified candidates make it this far. The potential election scenarios would be much less scary in that world.
@10 Nailed it. If she gets the nomination, we get Obama for another 4 years. While not ideal, I can at least hold out hope that another term for him will be much more productive than his first.
@11: I agree, in theory, but then I worry about the danger of underestimating the political intelligence of the American people. Do I want President Romney (oooh... I don't like how it felt to type that)? No, a hundred times no. But sweet raptor jesus, I vastly prefer Romney to Bachmann if Obama can't grow a spine and show the democratic base why it's worth getting out bed on election day.
Clearly, her handlers have told her to STFU about the anti-gay stuff, and given her a canned response to use whenever anyone asks about it. Geez, the least they could do is give her several ways to deflect the questions so she doesn't say the same exact thing in every interview, leading to compilation clips like the above. Well... it's the least they could do if they were competent handlers. For our nation's sake, I'm glad they're not - perhaps a few people will "see the light" about her as a result of stories like CNN's. But Fnarf does make a good point... if she gets the nomination, she (hopefully) would get torn apart by the media (and her opponent) and leave the road open for Obama's reelection... but there's always that INCREDIBLY scary chance that she could win and we could have 4 years of Crazy Eyes Bachmann. Eeek!
@10 - I have the same thoughts sometimes, but I'm afraid that I can imagine some freak event - a terrorist attack, a deep personal scandal, an economic meltdown - creating last-minute election conditions whereby Obama loses to the R candidate *no matter who they are*. Terrifying. Bachmann should be sidelined as soon as possible.

@8 - no, this kind of post is useful. The constant denigration of nutbags like her does have an effect, even if it seems like liberals are just preaching to liberals. I have a conservative coworker who used to sing Palin's praises, and now he doesn't even bother to defend her from ridicule. It's become deeply unfashionable to be a fan of Palin (unless one is totally fringe, which is not where most conservatives live).We need to make that happen to Bachmann. Her supporters should be embarrassed, and this is where that starts.
I liked when she said, "I'm involved in serious issues." This is true, in that she has serious issues and she's self-involved.
She should have been asked if she would veto the repeal of DOMA or support a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.
What a cunt!

Fine, give me a world where 25 percent of the electorate aren't motivated by prejudice and another 25 percent aren't part of the global warming Scientology and we can sit around and discuss rational politics.
Sure, I would like to see Obama get re-elected, but at the same time I don't think we can afford to let these idiots (and their followers) get a free pass anymore, no matter what the stakes are. These people shout at a volume that exaggerates their numbers, which gives them more "credibility". They need to be removed from the political discussion.
"All of these kinda questions really aren't what people are concerned about right now." That just shows how out of touch she is with the American public. The issue of gay rights is way up there on the list of "things people are concerned about." Maybe not the people in her camp who aren't "concerned" because they don't CARE and who's only "concern" is to make sure that gay people remain ashamed and in the closet, but the rest of us that do care are HIGHLY concerned that millions of gay Americans still don't have basic civil rights. And 8#, I don't agree. I understand that you're sick of looking at her face, but Dan is doing the right thing in the getting the word out about Michelle Bachmann. Even if it's here on Slog. The more of this fact checking that gets out there, the better. People are more foolish than you might think. Maybe these vids are being forwarded as we speak and minds are being changed in Iowa. Who knows? Oh I do SO loathe her though.
I believe she could be worse than sarah palin. She and her husband are very dangerous creatures when it comes to LGBTQ issues.
ps. I just made a photo of her blowing a corn dog my new facebook profile pic! I've never felt so proud of myself.
what a clever slag! using the present tense of 'judge', which implies she did judge in the past. yes, indeed, her handlers did tell her to tap dance around LGBT issues as seen by her robotic responses. i do hope she gets the nomination, but she won't. mitt magic underpants will.
OK, I added it here too just because I think it's such a fabulous picture. hahahahahaha enjoy!!!
Dan - what you did to Santorum, you gotta do to this lady. Bachmann is insane, and voters are often idiots - she's really got a chance.
As chilling as I find the prospect of a Bachmann presidency, I find her unconvincing and disingenuous evasions kind of refreshing. After all, it was as recently as 2004 that George W. Bush effectively rallied his base by playing the gay card and warning social conservatives about all the horrible things that would happen if gay marriage came to pass. Now even someone as socially conservative as Michelle Bachmann seems to realize that demonizing gays is no longer an effective election strategy. NB: I DO NOT WANT HER ELECTED, and I think her catchphrase "I'm not running to be anyone's judge" is a blatant lie. But it's nice to know that somebody else has to be her boogie man right now.
Well, it's not like any out LGBTQ person is even remotely likely to vote for her (except her "husband," of course). But saying that those issues don't matter is ridiculous. It certainly matters to LGBTQ people, and while she may not be running to be anyone's judge*, she fails to mention (maybe she doesn't even know?) that the President appoints judges.

*Based on her track record (listen to the interview) when she was employed at a law firm, she'd have an even smaller chance at winning that position.
"We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders."

Sorry, Bachmann, I'm afraid I have no compassion for the personal issues you and your husband are going through... because you choose to force your backwards views on others.
She should get some kind of fucking reward for her absolute inability to answer a straightforward question.
What is she running for again?
How entirely fabulous that the thing she despises so vehemently is going to be her very undoing....she would have done well to have subscribed to 'not having said anything at all' if she could not say something nice!

Its wonderful to hear her having been silenced on this issue, which overwhelmingly suggests that anti-gay sentiment does not a President make......perhaps we're not too far from that elusive time when openly supportive statements from Presidential candidates only serve to boost their polling levels, rather than the opposite being true.

And Dan, keep up the great work!