• E.S.

It got bitter toward the end. A representative quote from an angry, anonymous Classen supporter: "Congratulate Dan for me on handing the race to Godden."

At one point, me and unpaid intern Paul Holmes tried to flee the tongue lashings by melting into the crowd. Which was when Paul happened upon Madeleine McKenna—the daughter of the Republican candidate for governor, Rob McKenna.

Young Madeleine was drinking a Manny's and claimed it was her only drink of the evening (an attempt to verify her age was thwarted by a middleman). Ms. McKenna reported that she is 23 years old and, when asked what her father eats for breakfast, replied: "He eats hack journalists like David Goldstein for breakfast."

We left shortly thereafter, but the frustration still found me. A late-night, on-the-record text from Classen supporter Michael Maddux read: "For the sake of the city, it is unfortunate that it is now clear that Jean Godden is poised to win re-election. I hope otherwise, but with nearly 60 percent pro-tunnel, Bobby is done."