An international politics major at Penn State explains how he got Rick Santorum's autograph:

Tonight, Rick Santorum spoke to the Penn State Young Republicans for about an hour and a half. As a freshman at Penn State, and as a politically inclined individual, I felt going would be, at the very least, an experience. I personally am very social liberal, and find Santorum’s views not just ignorant, but detrimental to creating an atmosphere of openness in our society.

I knew he would be taking questions at one point, but I stayed quiet, with others taking the lead against Senator Santorum on issues like gay marriage. As Senator Santorum left his speech, in the true manner of a politician, he shook the hands of everyone near the exit and signed some autographs. Little did he know, I had two signs. One of these signs said “Santorum 2012” in an impact font, as seen above. The other, thanks to the magic of image manipulating software, said “Assfroth 2012.” I hid the more graphic of the two underneath and waited. Senator Santorum gladly autographed my sign and shook my hand.

He autographed the one on the bottom.