I, along with boy wonders Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt, will be a guest at the Enematic Cinematic show tomorrow night (Chapel, 9 pm, FREE). The show will include a screening of The Boneyard, plus a bunch of drunken yelling! I interviewed host/mastermind/comedian Elicia Sanchez about what to expect:


Who are you?

Elicia Sanchez. I'm a stand-up comedian and a video store employee who splits my paychecks between comic books and happy hour. Also, a responsible adult and maker of good decisions. You will most likely see me on the bus sometime.

What is The Enematic Cinematic?

It started as a blog about the shitty movies I watched that turned into a podcast. The podcast episodes consist of me convincing comedians, filmmakers, friends, and/or random people to come over to my apartment, drink some beer, and then record ourselves talking about the movie we watched in segments such as: what we learned, favorite quotes, or a name from the end credits that sounds like a nickname for a penis. And so on.

Why should people go to this show?

It is FREE. Also, one of the segments requires freestyle rapping so you (Lindy) will be rapping [Eds. note: No, I most definitely will not.]. Did I mention that? Plus, Chapel (the former funeral home-turned-bar) will be closing for good September 3rd, so it will be your last chance to drink in the same place that once housed Bruce Lee's dead body. In case that's been something you've been working up to.

Will there by actual enemas administered?

By me? No. By God? That is up to your religious views.

Tell me about The Boneyard.

It is a straight-to-video horror film from 1991 about a demonic little-zombie-person-filled funeral home, starring a wig-less Phyllis Diller, a mustached Mr. Roeper, other people, and a giant zombie poodle. People die, bones talk, and things burn. I shan't say more. I don't want to spoil anything.

What else should I ask you?

That line of questioning makes me uncomfortable.

If it were conceptually possible to actually transform a movie into a liquid and forcibly shoot it up your butthole, what movie would you pick?

This sounds like science. That's not really my life major, but if I had to choose, obviously Hard Ticket to Hawaii. You can't fight destiny.

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Did you know that my grandmother was cremated at the Chapel? IT'S TRUE. Sometimes I say hi to her ghost when I drive by.

No. I didn't know that. Be sure to send her the Facebook invite.