Unless the new Grindr-for-straight-people app—Blendr—is some sort of mashup of Grindr, Angie's List, and Don't Date Him Girl, I don't see it catching on. Men are great, I love men, but the potential negative consequences of hooking up with strange straight men—even if you're just meeting up to discuss your shared love of knitting or French literature (or that's your excuse to meet up)—fall disproportionately on women: unplanned pregnancy, disease transmission, rape and other acts of sexual violence. Women are at much greater risk for all of that—particularly those unplanned pregnancies—and women aren't going to be meeting up with random, anonymous guys for random, anonymous sex conversations about knitting and French literature if there's not some feedback/accountability component that essentially vouches for the unknown straight guy trawling Blendr looking for sex knitting tips.

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