In response to my post "A Grindr for Straight People?", commenter Vavavarooooom predicts that Blendr—the Grindr for straight people from the people who brought you the Grindr for gay people—will work like this:

So here is what I imagine will happen:

I, a straight woman, log on, ready for hot sex. I am in a public place, because showing my home location would be senseless.

I receive at least 100 messages in the first 3 minutes.

20 men show up, with or without messaging.

1 just sits in the corner and stares, too afraid to actually talk to me.

10 show up and leave, either not interested or afraid, or whatever.

3 come up to me to tell me that I am too fat/ugly for them, and how disappointed they are than only fat/ugly women are on this thing, but they will still let me blow them. (I will receive at least 50 messages similar to this)

2 come up and start conversations, and are actually interested (maybe a threeway for me!)

2 come up to tell me that I am a SLUT! A dirty SLUT!

The remaining 2 are lurking, watching without staring, and will follow me/us wherever we go, will watch for me in that neighborhood, will look for ways to either assault me or talk to me (either for sex or to tell me I am a SLUT!). If I/we go to my house, I will start receiving notes (slut!)/flowers (interested! or anonymous)/gifts/whatever.

If I am raped the defense will be—wait for it—she ASKED for it!! She is a SLUT!! If I am open to random sex with a random guy I meet on this app, I MUST be open to violent, forced rape!! The police/judge/jury will agree. Because I am a slut.

If I want anonymous casual sex, there are better ways to get it that doesn't let any creepo hone in on your location (I am guessing, since that is what Grindr does, yes?) and stalk you.

Also, this will mostly be filled with pros and men pretending to be women, either for laughs or closet cases trolling for gay sex (if they are using a straight app, it means they aren't gay, right?).

Blendr has a feature that allows women to mask their actual location, so... you don't have to be sign up for stalking. Unless you're one of those dirty, dirty SLUTS who enjoys being stalked.