The GOP's most homophobic state legislator—and that bar is set pretty damn high—is back in the news. Oklahoma state rep Sally Kern says gay sex is a bigger threat than terrorism because AIDS! And Sally doesn't hate gay people! She's trying to save gay people! From AIDS! Which kills gay people! And if people weren't gay then AIDS couldn't kill them! Sally Kern loves gay people so much that, er, she doesn't think that there should actually be any of us. (Feel the love!) ERV at Science Blogs calls bullshit. First, the fastest growing group of people acquiring HIV—globally—is straight women. And if Sally Kern were really worried about health issues, well...

Secondly, I'm going to tell Kern the same thing I told Pope: Their desire to 'save lives' is utterly insincere. If they genuinely wanted to use their obsession with lines in the Bible to condemn 'bad' behaviors and encourage 'good' behaviors and save lives, they would be focusing their efforts on obesity.

· Nearly 67% of Oklahoma adults are either overweight or obese

· The number is 34% for Oklahoma youth

· Overweight and obesity are associated with many health risks, such as heart disease,
high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, and depression

· The estimated cost associated with obesity in Oklahoma is more than $854 million each year.

· This problem affects the health of individuals, families and communities throughout the state.

Oklahomans are at increased risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes related complications. They dont have access to fruits and vegetables. And they are not physically active (all the stats you could want here). And gluttony is a deadly sin. (LOL! Does God tell gluttons to kill themselves in Proverbs 23:2?? LOL, WUT??)

Churches are in a perfect position in Oklahoma, as community leaders and social hubs, to be fighting the obesity epidemic in Oklahoma, and they have 'Biblical' reasons to be doing just that. Buuuuuuuuuut they don't. They write books and give media interviews bitching about teh homos and teh coloreds, run for political offices, and hang out with Creationists. They really care about saving lives, you see.