That's okay, redheads, I'll take it off your... hands.
I think redheads should be required to donate, to perpetuate red-headed females.

Also, red hair is a recessive gene: someone could be brown haired and still produce red-headed offspring if the other person involved shares the recessive trait.
If I was going to have a child who WASN'T going to be ginger I'd seriously consider an abortion.

Ginger's ROCK!!!!
Dan's obsession with Minchin is kinda creepy in a Mudede/Knox kind of way.
Gingers have no souls.
@5 - What? Dan just wants to do dirty, dirty things to Tim. Whereas, Mudede wants to...oh. I see your point.
File under shit I will never understand. I found out about the ginger-phobia very late and have been confused ever since. In Spain women routinely dye their hair to become redheads (darkish, but still...) though true bright carrot-tops are very rare, and an informal survey amongst my male friends reveals that they certainly have no prejudice AT ALL against red-heads.

I suppose in the area of sperm donation it makes a sort of sense, since people will usually want offspring to look like them, and so red-head sperm will be sought mostly by red-head parents, who are a minority, but this pissing on the red-heads is just bizarre.
@8 The hatred is against red haired guys, red haired girls get a pass. It's also only against the Titian red shade, rather than strawberry blonde or auburn.

In the UK the epithet 'ginga' (pronounced with both g's hard) is used to describe us.
@5, I don't think Dan fantasizes about masturbating at this guy's execution, so it's not exactly the same...
Women in India with very dark skins are very beautiful, but for some unknown reason, like to dye their hair red on occasion.
It's kind of unfair that redheaded guys can't get paid for jerking off into a Dixie cup.
@12, I'll pay to have a red head guy jerk off into a Dixie cup or on me or near me.

Red Heads are HOT!!!!
@13 - I would like to invest in your business.
Yikes, @6, we thought we had you fooled.
Makes me wish I'd red Still Life with the Woodpecker more recently than ten years ago. Something about redheads getting kicked off planets all over the universe because of an "overabundance of sugar and lust". Breed us out again here, we'll just go on to the next one. Have fun with your gingerless rock.
As one of two light brown haired parents of three titian redheads, I have to admit a certain amount of surprise at this news. I've had strangers angrily demand to know how I ended up with three redheads when I haven't "earned" it by having red hair myself. I've had people ask with a straight face if I dye my kids' hair red. People are always telling us that they always wanted a redheaded child. Yeah, I guess with sperm-donation, people are looking for self-similar offspring, but it does still seem odd to hate on gingers when everyone wants to be them or have them.
Maybe it's instinctual though. If you haven't already heard about the dickweed seals who abandoned the baby ginger seal:…
I never heard of "ginger prejudice" until relatively recently, and it seems far more centered in the UK than in the US. Weird.
Kim, we're fooling no one. I have no soul!

The seal was also almost blind. Animals in the wild routinely abandon offspring that can't survive on their own.
I love redheads. I think redheaded men are the sexiest. I also think women with freckles are beautiful. I dated a basketball player at a major Washington, D.C. school with flaming red hair and he stood 6'7". What a man!
I love red hair. If I ever end up going to a sperm bank, I'm going for red hair.
Wow, this would rule entire genetic stock, pretty much. Just about everyone in my family who's had kids has had at least one carrot-top in the litter. We've got a strong strain of ginger (I'm one of THEM myself).
They're all just jealous
Weird, given the number of people (mostly women) I see dying their hair so it looks like mine...
That's because women probably want kids with the same hair color as theirs. Since red-headed women have no problem obtaining sperm the old-fashioned way, they don't need to patronize sperm banks...
That's ok Winthrop I think you're cute as a button & so did Amaryllis. Just ignore these Pick a Little Talk a Little types.
I'm still laughing at the punchline:
"So while some (me) may think there is nothing more precious than a carrot-topped bundle of joy, apparently the vast majority of baby-makers prefer men with brown hair and brown eyes."
Pssh, Minchin dyes his hair, he's trans-gingered.
Ginger hate is really only against red-headed guys. Guys LOVE redheaded chicks, but chicks don't really dig red hair on their dudes (on average).

It may be due to negative publicity, with iconic redheads like Howdy Doody and Carrot Top. And clowns having red hair.

Personally, if I'm looking at two guys, and all else is equal, I prefer dark hair to ginger. I don't know why, really. I love light skin and freckles and blue eyes, but the black Irish look (all of the above with black hair) is FAR preferable to the ginger look, as far as my preferences go.
@31, that expression: STOLEN BY ME
I honestly didn't really find the song very funny... was it supposed to be funny? I kind of felt like Tim was trying to take the piss out of America's racism problem by making the song about a word which is an anagram for... well... yeah. I guess I really just don't like Tim Minchin's music.
Love this guy. Funny. And damn good at the piano.
lol @7 :)

Really? You can't actually tell with babies until they're about a year old.

Nevermind how our youngest is *blonde* at 18 months. You have to start looking at second cousins before finding anyone else in the family tree on either side with blonde hair. This results in a lot of explaining at family reunions...