Today, the King County Prosecutor's Office filed malicious harassment and assault charges against Raven Lang Brealan, who is accused of "yelling homosexual slurs" and attacking a man last Saturday night on Capitol Hill.

The man and a companion were walking down East Pike Street a few minutes before midnight on September 17 when Brealan approached them and began calling them "faggots," says a report filed by the Seattle Police Department. When the companion informed the Brealan that "he needed to understand that he was on Capitol Hill," Brealan allegedly punched the victim in the face, threatened him with a knife, then fled the scene. When the victim attempted to follow him, the report continues, the suspect allegedly threw a metal No Parking sign, again striking the vicim in the face.

Officers arrived on the scene to find the 34-year-old Brealan, who stands 6'2" and weighs 290 pounds, wearing a yellow golf hat and hiding in some bushes off Broadway Avenue, the records say. "The suspect told the officer he struck the victim because when he was flirting with the victim earlier in the evening he found out the victim had a penis," writes Detective Moore in charging documents.

When questioned, Brealan reportedly told police that "earlier that night while talking to what he thought was a woman... he, 'felt an erection.'" When he learned that the woman he was flirting with was actually a man, he became "very upset."

While Brealan was confused about the victim's gender, neither the police report or charging documents say if the victim is transgendered or dressed as a woman.

Regardless, the reporting officer notes: "[Brealan] repeatedly told me that he was not 'a faggot.' He told me that homosexuals put 'dicks in butts,' and told me that he didn't do that. [Brealan] became so upset, spitting and yelling homosexual slurs, that I was unable to learn what happened at the listed location."

The charging documents note that Brealan has a "lengthy criminal history which is multi-county in nature," including convictions in King County for theft, taking a motor vehicle, robbery, escape, assault, and burglary, among others. Brealan's arraignment hearing is set for October 5. He is currently being held in King County jail.

Updated with more records from charging documents.