Eggs 4 Sale! Two adorable West Seattle kids will be selling their chickens's eggs—for a quarter each! Head over to West Seattle Blog to check out some absolutely adorable pictures of young capitalists and their pet chickens. The blog promised they'd be there after school, which is now. Shake a leg!

Geeks Flock to Fremont: The tech-themed Fremont Geek Group is meeting up tonight from 7-9:00 p.m. at the History House (790 N 34th St) sculpture garden. Fremont Universe notes that, "There will be free wi-fi at the event, so feel free to bring a laptop, smart phone or other geeky devices." Pizza and beverages provided, awkward conversation a given.

It's National Coffee Day: Everywhere but in Seattle, according to Seattlest, which has some choice thoughts for Krispy Kreme and 7-11, the only corporations seemingly embracing this national holiday. Also, SeattlestCurmudgeon, I'll have you know that real Seattle blog posters without actual bylines drink quad espressos, not americanos.