The Republican War on Teachers continues, this time in Michigan, where lawmakers there are preparing new legislation that would impose a $1000 fine and a year in prison on any teacher who uses their school email account for union or political purposes. That's right, send an email from your school account with some vaguely political content in it, and a teacher could be facing an unpaid sabbatical in the big house.

Way to respect the profession, GOPers.

On the other hand, at least this is one conservative-backed education reform that is entirely transparent about its objective. Charter schools, vouchers, Teach for America, merit pay, the elimination of seniority rules, and the new obsession with performance measures... these are all "reforms" that at their heart seek to pin the blame for our public education woes squarely on the backs of teachers, with the ultimate goal of busting the teachers unions. "Reformers" just won't admit it. So actually, just proposing to jail teachers, is at least much more honest.

Isn't it interesting how a political party that claims to be opposed to big government is always so willing to use the power of the state to crush dissent by force? Fascists.