Last Thursday afternoon, a hungry man had the misfortune of asking for food from Northwest Harvest on "Baby Day," the day when only people with children under five are offered food. According to a police report, a Northwest Harvest employee asked the man to produce a child or proof of his paternity in exchange for dinner. Naturally, this frustrated the likely indigent man, who was then asked to leave by staff.

Sometimes though, you're just really hungry. The report states, "as the subject was leaving he grabbed a 50lb bag of potatoes from a pallet in the parking lot and began to walk off with it." An employee spotted the suspect, confronted him, and asked him to kindly return the potatoes he allegedly stole.

In response, the police report states that the man dropped the potato sack and allegedly punched the employee "in the right shoulder and then in the mouth." After this brief, violent altercation, Northwest Harvest employees say the man slung his newly won potatoes over his shoulder and walked off. Police sweeps of the area turned up neither man nor potato.