One day after the introduction of the Kindle Fire—and without reviewing the device—the tech press is still reeling. This is what I woke up to on Gizmodo:

[Jeff] Bezos owned the stage; he was a lion on the savannah. He was stylish and witty and smart, tossing out thought bombs like they were free t-shirts....And so when it was all over, the press, the great opinionator that drives purchasing decisions, was utterly flabbergasted. It was totally Jobsed, so to speak. Hypnotized and drawn in by the mind-blowing Bezos.

Now that Jobs has effectively retired, tech writers are looking for the next genius mythology, and it looks like Bezos hit the marketing sweet spot with his presentation yesterday. But that wasn't enough ass-kissing for Gizmodo: When they posted video from Bezos's Fire unveiling a few hours later in a post headlined "Watch Steve [sic] Bezos Unleash the Awesome New Kindles (And Channel Steve Jobs)" they unrolled this bit of gag:

Bezos does come across a little off here—a little dry, a little awkward, a little stilted. But I promise you, as someone who was sitting right in front of him yesterday, his charisma was undeniable, and perhaps impossible to capture via Flash video.

Holy shit. Get a room, boys! In other Fire news, DC Comics has announced they're selling digital comics collections exclusively through Amazon's tablet. Which is kind of a bummer, because the Fire's seven-inch screen won't allow you to view a whole comics page all at once, unless it's minimized to the point where the word balloons are virtually unreadable. I can't stand the panel-by-panel flow that certain comics apps use; comics are still for the most part designed to be drawn by the page, and so the page is still the ideal unit for comics reading.