When police officers arrived in Lower Queen Anne on September 25 in response to an assault call, officers were greeted by the sight of a shirtless man lying face-down, surrounded by several other men. Two of these men told officers that the face-down man had just assaulted a woman. While West Precinct Officer Bonesteel interviewed witnesses, a female officer was called in to take the victim's testimony, as she was still "visibly shaken."

According to the woman's statement, half an hour before the 2:00 a.m. bar push-out on Saturday, she left a bar on East Roy Street and headed east toward home. When she decided to take a shortcut through the alleyway on the 700 block of 2nd Avenue North, she noticed a man "with his blue shirt halfway off and speed walking towards her." She started walking faster. She noticed the man kept pace. Then she began to run.

The report goes on, according to victim testimony: "[He] caught up with her and pushed her into some nearby bushes. [She] began to scream and [he] grabbed her throat making shushing noises at her. [She] was still able to scream and [he] placed his other hand inside her mouth attempting to silence her."

Meanwhile, two witnesses who had just left a nearby bar heard the victim's muffled screams coming from the alley. When they walked over to investigate, they allegedly saw the suspect towered over the victim, with his hands covering her face and throat. The police report states that both witnesses demanded, "What the fuck, do you know each other?" to which they received simultaneous replies of "Yes" and "No," from the suspect and victim, respectively. Then, they state, the suspect released his alleged victim and fled south toward Roy Street. One of the witnesses stayed with the victim while the other chased after the suspect. Fortunately, the suspect tripped over a guide wire and the witness was able to guard over him until police arrived.

Another creepy detail from the police report: While reading the suspect his Miranda rights, Officer Bonesteel noted that the suspect's cargo shorts zipper was down. Another witness who flagged down the officers noted that earlier in the evening, she had seen "a white male with a blue shirt and cargo shorts following a brunette woman with his genitals exposed," and that "he had his hand inside his shirt and was rubbing his penis while he followed the woman."