The cash-strapped campaign asking voters to approve $60 car tabs secured the Downtown Seattle Association's endorsement yesterday, the sort of status quo blessing that backers hope will encourage donations. With only three weeks before ballots get mailed, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission reports that the campaign has raised only $15,902—hardly enough to send mailers to Seattle's core voters.

Streets for All Seattle campaign manager Viet Shelton believes the endorsement will result in "some funding support one way or the other," but he didn't know if it would come form the DSA's membership or directly from the DSA, which, as an example of it's spending power in local elections, gave $32,775 to the pro-tunnel campaign.

DSA's vice president of Advocacy and Economic Development, Jon Scholes, stopped short of saying the organization would donate directly to the campaign. "We'll be helping the campaign on multiple fronts, including fundraising," he said. "Passage of Prop 1 is a priority for us."

If passed, Prop 1 would use the $60 vehicle license fee to fund transit, road, sidewalk, and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. We recently ran guest posts in favor and in opposition to eh measure on November's ballot.