• NASA

NASA’s sky-mapping spacecraft WISE [has established that] 911 of 981 of the largest asterorids — asteroids 3,300 feet wide or larger — have been found.

Scientists also say they now think there are fewer medium-sized asteroids than originally believed. New estimates say there are 19,500 asteroids out there that are between 330 feet and 3,300 feet wide.

As one who sees life as something like Spinoza's nature—the biosphere of interconnected modes—it's tempting to see this discovery and all of this concern with what's up there in space, as the real purpose of the human animal. After the asteroid that removed dinosaurs from the scene of life 65 million years ago, life had enough (it had been hit hard many times before) and found away to turn to the sky, penetrate the depths of space, and spot/count/label the life-threatening chunks of ice and rock. Life is now aware of the Oort cloud. Life even suspects there's a death star in deep space. Life is keeping an eye on things.

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