In Case You Missed It: Witnesses thwart alleged rapist in lower Queen Anne, with the suspect revealed to be a homeless level-3 sex offender.

Boeing Drug Bust: "US federal agents have raided a Boeing plant that makes military helicopters in a Philadelphia suburb and charged more than three dozen people with distributing or trying to get prescription drugs, among them powerful painkillers."

Freshly Dead: U.S.-born al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, killed today in an air strike in Yemen.

Stones and Tomatoes: Hucked at U.S. ambassador in Syria.

Vulcany Intrigue!: "The former security director for Vulcan Inc. and three security officers who resigned in recent weeks have sued the Seattle firm claiming they were pushed out after they saw unethical or illegal activities by company executives, including Paul Allen," reports

Up a Tree: Where a Fircrest man wanted for speeding has fled. From KIRO:

Late Thursday night, police said they tried to pull the man over on Highway 16 and ended up chasing him into a Fircrest neighborhood. The 20-year-old man climbed a cedar tree on Del Monte Avenue south of 19th Street and went 20 feet up. The man has been in the tree since about midnight. Police said they have put up a ladder and are waiting for him to come down.

The Dangers of Mixing Age and Acceleration: Elderly driver hits wrong pedal, rams through Redmond spa, injuring three.

It'll Tide Me Over Till Frances' Book Comes Out: Courtney Love to write memoir.

Finally, happy birthday to Marc Bolan, who skyrocketed to (British) superstardom with his band T. Rex in the early '70s before dying in a car crash in 1977, who was born on this day in 1947. Here's T. Rex's riotous performance on Midnight Special. (I imagine a young Prince saw and loved this.)