While our fair city recently saw a rash of closures, hope springs eternal, and it's springing bigtime on Capitol Hill tonight. Officially grand-opening (click through for more information/speculation):

· Momiji on 12th between Pike and Pine, where Dawson Plumbing used to be

· Bako on Broadway, where the Jade Pagoda used to be

· Altura, also on Broadway, across from Bako

Then tomorrow, Capitol Hill's new distillery Oola opens with a party (free tastes!).

Outside the two-block-ish radius, on Friday, the new incarnation of fancy Campagne—the less fancy (but still probably damn good) Marche—opens down in Pike Place Market with a party, too, with free hors d’oeuvres and sabered bubbly on the patio. What the hell is sabered bubbly? Allow Seattle barman Andrew Bohrer to charmingly demonstrate (listen up, Internet: no one wants to hear you talk!):