Oops... Now They're Macing Fox News


It is too bad Goldy. Mcginn has lost all his appeal for me. I used to really think he got it. Now I know he's just as bad as the rest of them.
i would mace, and hit a fox reporter with a baton if i got the chance :)
It's part of the theater. McGinn knows it would make the news if the cops arrested people. He's doing his part. Duh.
It's a local Fox affiliate. Doesn't count.
Local Fox station does not equal Fox News. But nice try.

the new york police are even more out of control than your average police department.
There is one thing the state cares about above all else and it's that the corridors of commerce must be kept open.

Fuck with that and the state will come down on you.

That's why the Wall Street Occupation actually might matter. At least it has a chance. Occupying downtown Seattle kinda pales in importance.
Peaceable assembly guaranteed by the U S Constitution - or is that now just a piece of compostable (sic) vellum?
Ungrateful leftist socialist elbows-on-the-dinner-table thugs are getting exactly what they deserve.
If people were in Westlake supporting invading Iran or something I wonder how long it'd take for you to demand the police remove them as soon as they started causing problems.
@4, @5 --- Nice try, but WNYW is a Fox owned & operated (O&O) station:

"WNYW, virtual channel 5 (digital channel 44), is the flagship television station of the News Corporation-owned Fox Broadcasting Company, located in New York City. The station's transmitter is atop the Empire State Building and its studio facilities are located in Manhattan's Yorkville neighborhood. WNYW is a sister station to Secaucus, New Jersey-based WWOR-TV (channel 9), the New York area's MyNetworkTV flagship station."

@11, well of course it's owned and operated by Fox, but it's not Fox News. Yes, the channel that shows the Simpsons is the same company that showed Glenn Beck, but they're not the same station.
@11, @12 ... and their news divisions are not the same.