Posted earlier and moved up.

You've been watching the Occupy protests on Wall Street, in Seattle, Portland, and a zillion other cities. You've wanted to help.

After all, you're among the 99 percent of non-rich people getting a raw deal while fat cats tootle around in yachts made of foie gras. But you haven't heard how to join the protesters without sleeping on the sidewalk or, like, getting arrested. Maybe you have a bad back, maybe you have a job, or perhaps you can't get arrested.

Yet you want the protests to succeed.

Then there's this: Saturday at noon, everyone who supports the Occupy Wall Street actions is being asked to haul their butts down to Westlake Park (Fourth Avenue and Pine Street). Union workers, protesters, and the organizers of Indigenous Peoples' Day—which has a permit for the park beginning at noon—are asking you to join them.

"Come down for both Occupy Seattle and Indigenous Peoples' Day," says event organizer Jack Whitehouse. He says issues for the permitted rally and the Occupy movement "are all interconnected. I want them to come down!"

You'll have lots of company. The local SEIU affiliate is asking its 42,000 members to show up at Westlake Park on Saturday, and yesterday the King County Labor Council announced that its 75,000-person membership is being asked to join the protests. So plan to go on Saturday. Facebook this. Tweet this. Pack a sandwich and take your friends.

There's activity today, too, if you just can't wait.

At 4:30 p.m. today, a march will begin at at Seattle Central Community College and head down to Westlake Park by 5:30 p.m. It's permitted for the Afghanistan War 10-year anniversary, but Jane Cutter, coordinator of ANSWER Seattle, says "we want as many people as possible" who support Occupy movement because "we see it as the same struggle."

So again: Saturday, noon at Westlake Park; Friday evening at Westlake Park.